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State of Emergency Lifted


The National Assembly of Republika Srpska today lifted the state of emergency in the territory of Republika Srpska as the epidemiological situation that was declared due to the coronavirus has been put under control.
An explanation of the decision to lift the state of emergency, which was adopted at a special session of the National Assembly, says that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska is of the opinion that an approach to restore normal life gradually is justified.

The decision was supported by 60 MPs and one MP did not vote.

The decision will enter into force a day after it is published in the Republika Srpska Official Gazette.

A conclusion proposed by the Caucuses of the SNSD, DNS, Demos, NDP, United Srpska, SPS and the SP, which says that the timely reaction saved the public health of citizens and helped maintain business activity, was adopted.

“The National Assembly of Republika Srpska concluded that the Main Coordination Team of Republika Srpska, the Republika Srpska president and the Republika Srpska government were maximally dedicated and efficient in performing their duties in the state of emergency and the emergency situation that were declared due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The state of emergency was declared on March 28 in Republika Srpska due to the epidemiological situation caused by the coronavirus.


Source: SRNA


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