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Steps of Gavrilo Princip again on the streets of Sarajevo


At the place where Gavrilo Princip carried out the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian crown prince Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, will soon be printed, was announced by Radio Sarajevo.

Works that involve the creation of rates should be completed by the beginning of next month.

According to the director of the Sarajevo Museum Mirsad Avdić, works are planned for the project aimed at completing the story of the Sarajevo assassination.

“We planned at the beginning of the seventh month to officially finish it – at least part of the project, which is done in two phases. The first phase regarding the construction of the monument is a bigger and more extensive work, so we will finish it in September,” Avdić said for Radio Sarajevo.

We recall that the authorities of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia have set up a memorial plaque at the place where Gavrilo Princip, On June 28, 1914, carried out an assassination attempt on the Austro-Hungarian throne, which was considered to be the occasion of the First World War.

However, the occupying German and Ustasha forces, who came to Sarajevo in 1941, removed the plate and handed it to the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

In the same place, after the Second World War, a memorial plaque containing the inscription was re-established: “From this place on June 28, 1914, Gavrilo Princip, with his shooting, expressed a popular protest against the tyranny and the eternal aspiration of our people for freedom.” The plaque in 1992 removing the then Sarajevo authorities as well as the Principals’ footprint at the scene of the assassination.

Also, the bridge in Sarajevo, not far from the place of assassination, received the name Princip’s Bridge in 1918, so that after the war in Bosnia, it was renamed to the Latin Bridge.



Source: SeeSrpska


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