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Steps Taken in Promotion of the Republic of Srpska in Austria


The Republic of Srpska Representative Office in Austria will continue to promote the cultural and economic potentials of Srpska in the coming year, with the aim of further developing the relations between Srpska and Austria, said the head of the office Mladen Filipović.

Filipović believes that the good cooperation with the University Clinical Center of the Republic of Srpska will continue in the following year on the implementation of the project of exchanging experience and knowledge with hospitals in Vienna.
Stressing the importance of providing the institutions, organizations and companies from Srpska with the best possible representation in Austria, Filipović said that the support for their participation in numerous business and other events throughout Austria would be continued.

– In the field of education and culture, we will strive to organize equally successful, as we have done so far, the Days of Serbia and Srpska, and to gather as many of our excellent artists as possible – said Filipović.

He said that in order to preserve the Serbian language, tradition and culture, the implementation of the project “Let’s Cherish the Serbian Language” will be continued, in cooperation with the Republic of Srpska institutions.

Filipović announced that the Representative Office will participate in the organization of the ”Forum dijaspore” in Banja Luka under the sponsorship of the President of the Republic of Srpska next year, and that he is expecting the participation of a large number of representatives of diaspora from Austria, as well as prominent businessmen and representatives of institutions.

– We are constantly working on promoting Srpska and its potentials, with the aim of attracting more investors and placing products on the Austrian and EU markets. We have made an additional step in this area by opening a trade fair in Linz in May – said Filipović.
He said, according to the information from the field, Austrian partners and businessmen showed interest in this kind of presentation and promotion.

– We are actively working on the promotion of tourist potentials, and thanks to the good cooperation with the Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska, we organize the representation of the Republic of Srpska every year at the Tourism Fair in Vienna, and we would especially emphasize the cooperation with the Olympic Center ”Jahorina”, with which we are continuously working on the presentation of capacities and peculiarities of Jahorina to Austrian public – said Filipović.

He noted that the potentials of Republika Srpska are being continuously promoted as a tourist destination and through the “Vacation in Srpska” portal in German language.

He stated that for the first time, this type of event was organized jointly by the Embassy of Serbia in Austria, the Republic of Srpska of the Representative Office in Austria and the Community of Serbian Clubs in Vienna, and was held under the sponsorship of the President of the Republic of Srpska, Željka Cvijanović, the Government of the Republic of Srpska and the Republic of Serbia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




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