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Stevandić: Operation “Storm” – Crime and Shame


United Srpska President Nenad Stevandić has said that the Croatian military-police operation “Storm” is a shame and a crime which aim was to destroy Serbs, without choosing means, and stressed that it is a warning for Serb people for the future, with an obligation to constantly tell the whole Western world that it is their disgrace too.
Stevandić has emphasized that August 4 is the day of the greatest Serb`s sorrow and piety for the greatest ethnic cleansing and pogrom since the World War II, which was carried out against Serbs, whereby the children in the refugee column were not spared either-or people in the home for special care.

“But, regardless of what others think about this crime, we must be persistent in the culture of remembrance that we will pass on to future generations”, Stevandić told SRNA on the occasion of the day of remembrance of the killed and exiled Serbs in the military-police operation “Storm”.

Operation Storm began on August 4, 1995, with an offensive by the Croatian army and police and units of the Croatian Defense Council in the area of Banija, Lika, Kordun and northern Dalmatia.

A day later, on August 5, the Croatian army entered the almost deserted Knin and put up the Croatian flag, while convoys of refugees marched through Serb territories in BiH towards Serbia.

According to “Veritas”, during the Croatian military-police operation “Storm”, more than 220,000 Krajina Serbs were expelled from their homes, and the records show the names of 1,869 killed and missing Serbs, of which 1,220 were civilians.

In a verdict from February 2015, the International Court of Justice qualified Operation “Storm” as ethnic cleansing, but not as genocide, although world experts in that field claim that “Storm” had all the characteristics of genocide.


Source: SRNA


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