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Stevandić: The number of people on respirators is growing; Health system overworked


The head of the team for monitoring the recommendations and measures of the Republic Emergency Situations Headquarters, Nenad Stevandić, told Srna today that the epidemiological situation in the Republic of Srpska has worsened due to the coronavirus and that is why it is necessary to respect the prescribed measures.

– The undeniable fact is that anyone can become infected with the coronavirus and die from it. That is why I appeal to the residents to respect the prescribed measures, that is, to keep their distance, wear a protective mask, take care of personal and space hygiene – said Stevandić.

He pointed out that the epidemiological situation directly depends on the discipline of the inhabitants, and that the elderly population adheres to the prescribed measures.

– The greater the discipline, the better the epidemiological situation will be. Unfortunately, the problem is young people who gather at various celebrations and in catering facilities, so that they are currently more ill and transmit the coronavirus – Stevandić added.

He stated that currently, the number of infected people in Srpska is higher than three months ago when the largest number of people was connected to respirators.

– Now the number of people on a respirator with severe symptoms is growing again. The health care system is overworked, although it has behaved well since the beginning of the pandemic. Unfortunately, we have stopped appreciating the work of health workers, and an example of their commitment is the University Clinical Center of Republic of Srpska, which had more than 870 admissions of patients infected with the coronavirus and is the second institution in the Balkans – said Stevandić.

He emphasized that health workers are still exposed to enormous efforts and that many who were infected have returned to work.

– The problem is that we will be worse economically, but fortunately, there was no shortage of respirators and medical material in Srpska, and it will be the same in the future. I am asking the citizens to understand that the fight against the coronavirus depends on responsibility because without collective consciousness we will not be able to cope – concluded Stevandić.




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