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Strong reactions to banning of commemoration for 12,000 Serbs killed by Ustashas


Miodrag Linta, the chairman of the Assembly Committee on the Diaspora and Serbs Region, has asked the Una-Sana Canton Interior Ministry to revoke the decision to ban the commemoration for more than 12,000 Serbs killed by the Ustashas in 1941 in Garavice, near Bihac.

Linta assessed that this is one in a series of “scandalous” attempts to revise history, with the aim of denying, as he stated, the genocide committed against the Serb people in Garavice and throughout the NDH (Independent State of Croatia).

“It’s clear that behind the disgraceful and anti-civilizational decision of the Ministry of Interior of the Una-Sana Canton are those who give orders from Sarajevo, with the intention of denying the crime of genocide committed against Serbs in the Second World War, in order to show Bosniaks as the only victims,” Linta believes.

He added that throughout the Federation of BiH, there are many examples of denial and minimizing of the crimes committed against Serbs during the NDH, but that Serbia and the Serb Republic will not accept the covering up of the truth.

In the event that the Interior Ministry in the canton fails to approve the commemoration in Garavice, Linta believes that refusing requests of Bosniak associations to hold commemoration in places where Bosniaks were killed should be considered.

Linta also stressed that Serbs will never give up on commemorative gatherings in Garavice and other places because it is a civilizational, national and moral obligation to nurture a culture of remembrance for the victims.


Source: telegraf.rs


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