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Successful Cooperation Between the Majdov Brothers and the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports


Judoists Stefan and Nemanja Majdov from East Sarajevo are successful athletes who with every move promote sports, a healthy lifestyle, and family as the basis of everything.

Majdov brothers, a positive example and role model for young people

They are very happy to participate in all actions that promote sports and without any problems joined the realization of the project that promotes healthy nutrition, sports and games, and it is realized by the Association of Doctors of Republic of Srpska with the support of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports and Sports School “Kasper”.

– We have been successfully cooperating with the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports for many years and the support for us and our club is constant. We did not have a dilemma whether to join this project because we like working with children, transferring knowledge, and motivating them to do sports, and the kids who worked with us within this project were very satisfied and that is an additional satisfaction –  Stefan Majdov.

He explains that, thanks to the results achieved by him and especially his brother Nemanja, judo has become a popular sport, children have new role models to follow and many of them have decided to train judo, so Judo Club Randori has no reason to worry about the future.

This is supported by the fact that UNICEF has declared judo the most useful sport for children and young people aged six to 21. The youngest competitors of the “Randori Judo Club” have been the best in their age category in the Republic of Srpska and BiH for several years now.

– I am glad to see that we, the older competitors, will have someone to succeed and I must praise the Ministry of Sports, which strives to promote sports, works on popularizing sports and motivating young people to opt for sports because it is primarily important for health and proper development, but the results are also taken into account. My brother and I were scholarship holders of the Ministry and that kind of support is very important to the young man and motivates him to work harder and better, which leads to good results – says Stefan.

He emphasizes that it is very important to preserve health in these circumstances of pandemics that have hit the whole world, but also that clubs in conjunction with the Ministry work in the best interest of top sports and the best results, which will certainly contribute to the new Law on sports.

Judo club “Randori”, despite all the challenges and the coronavirus that disrupted numerous plans, continues to work and compete.

– Due to the pandemic, the European Championship for cadets was postponed, in which several representatives of the Randori club were supposed to participate, who showed dominance on the domestic scene. The European Championship for seniors, however, will be held and our representative is Nemanja Majdov, from whom the best results are always expected – concluded Stefan.

Recently, he added, in compliance with all prescribed measures, the BiH championship for younger seniors, cadets, and pioneers was held in the “Slavija” sports hall, which they organized in cooperation with the Sparta Judo Club, and everything went well.




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