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Successful Implementation of Investor Aftercare Program in Modrica


On 18 May 2016, representatives of the Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of the Republika Srpska, in cooperation with representatives of the municipality of Modrica, visited this municipality and took the opportunity to visit two companies – Оptima Power d.o.o and MP Pandurevic – included in the Investor Aftercare Program.

On that occasion, they discussed conditions for doing business, difficulties encountered by companies and ways to overcome them. Both those companies are examples of success stories with a rising business curve, production and service expansion plans, additional employment, and ambitions to expand to new markets.

As a reminder, the Investor Aftercare Program was established in order to motivate the existing investors present in strategically selected sectors in the Republika Srpska to reinvest and improve relations with the local economy. As part of the Program, inter-institutional cooperation was established between the Government of the Republika Srpska and municipal level by means of an investor aftercare collaboration network.

The Program currently covers 21 units of local self-government in the Republika Srpska.

Source: Vladars.net



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