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Sulejman Tihic passes away after a long battle with cancer


Sulejman Tihic, a Bosnian politician and President of Party of Democratic Action passed away last night after a long battle with cancer.

Information on his worsening status has alternated over the past few months, but his serious illness had put him out of the political spotlight and was the reason for numerous major operations in the recent period.

Numerous local and international political figures have today spoken of Tihic’s love for BiH, saying that BiH has lost a statesman, an important factor in its political life and history.


Tihic was born in the town of Bosanski Samac in northern Bosnia. He obtained a degree from the Sarajevo Law School. In 1990, he was one of the founding members of the Party of Democratic Action.

On 13 October 2001, Tihic was chosen to succeed Alija Izetbegovic as head of the SDA party. He was elected to the Presidency on 5 October 2002. He won the elections once more in 2005.

He was chairman of the House of Peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina from 14 November 2007 to 14 July 2008.

Message from the EU

Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina/EU Special Representative, Ambassador Peter Sorensen, said:

“I am deeply saddened to hear the painful news of the passing of Sulejman Tihic. My thoughts are with his family at this time and I join many others across Bosnia and Herzegovina in sending them my own condolences and those of the European Union.

“Sulejman Tihic made a huge contribution to the political and civic life of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He lived through difficult and historic times in this country and emerged as one of its key leaders.

“I appreciated his wisdom, insight and constant willingness to work for the common good. He had a deep commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its peoples. Professionally and personally I had only the highest respect for him. His calmness, openness and ability to look to the future were a real example. On many occasions I saw him work tirelessly and go one step further to find agreements.

“He will be sorely missed.”


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