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Šulić: We continue to invest in Jahorina, Focusing on Preparations for the Winter Season


The Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Republika Srpska Denis Šulić said that investments in Jahorina will continue, that the Government of the Republika Srpska has been behind the development of tourism on this mountain and that the idea that the tourist season lasts all year is slowly being realized.

After the round table on raising the quality of the entire tourist offer in Jahorina, Šulić said that recommendations received from the field from the Olympic Center (OC) “Jahorina”, the association of hoteliers, the city and the tourist organization East Sarajevo were included in the draft laws prepared by the relevant ministry.

He stated that the current summer season was recapitulated at round table, and that the focus of the meeting was to see what all participants of the round table can do in preparation for the next winter season in Jahorina.

“The goal is that every tourist who comes to Jahorina and Republika Srpska feels welcome and brings another tourist,” said Šulić.

According to him, one of the conclusions of the meeting is that the representatives of OC “Jahorina”, the municipality of Pale and the association of hoteliers should communicate more with each other.

“No one here needs communication problems. We have a unique goal, which is to make Jahorina more beautiful, better and more attractive for all tourists, and everyone will benefit from that,” Šulić pointed out.

He announced a new similar meeting in Jahorina for the end of September, and expressed the hope that everyone who has interests in Jahorina will participate in it.

According to him, the intention of everyone in the Ministry of Trade and Tourism is to be present in every tourist destination in the Republika Srpska, in order to work with people on the ground.

“President Dodik and I spoke in Foča with people involved in rafting. We have been here in Jahorina several times, we will also be in Trebinje and in every local community in the Republika Srpska, which is our tourism potential,” emphasized Šulić.

A round table was held on Jahorina on raising the quality of the entire tourist offer on this mountain and solving problems.


Source: sarajevotimes.com


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