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Summer on Jahorina – why not?


Olympic beauty Jahorina offers refreshment on these hot summer days and workers on this mountain are trying to improve the content and offer new content during summer months. Activities such as bike riding down the mountain path, tubing trails, quads riding, mountain hiking, medicinal herbs, wellness and spa centers in hotels, cable car ride to the mountain top are all included in the summer offer on Jahorina.

“Special bikes are required for the downhill, which are extremely expensive. Those are bicycles that contain a lot of amortization. The handles are wide which allows better downhill control. It is very important for the tires to be wide as well because you have to have as much control on the trail as possible. I would recommend to anyone who wants to try to come here,” said Andrej Cukac.

“Adrenaline addicts usually do this, and they are doing a lot of things during a certain period of learning. It is much more interesting to look at them, but those who are doing it for pure fun and entertainment. You should try it in any case because this is something new that is not so frequent in our area. This trail is not intended for downhill but it can be used for it and it is extremely interesting for those who like to risk. There are many rocks, holes and special attention should be paid because it is very dangerous. Of course, you need to adjust the speed as well, “said Cukac, adding that the ride lasts for 10 to 15 minutes.

Sanja Ceramidzic, the spokesperson of the Olympic Center Jahorina, said that the tubing trail “Fun Park Ogorjelica” is one of the most interesting contents, especially for children.

“The tubing trail is something that is in function both in summer and winter. The tubing trail is the most interesting for the youngest visitors, as well as for beginners in the winter season,” says Ceramidzic, adding that all those who are currently in Sarajevo should use the vicinity of Jahorina and come to refresh themselves.

Accommodation facilities are quite filled up during the summer months, and mostly there are sports teams that are running from the heat to places like this. Visitors on a daily basis are mostly Arabs, as well as tourists from Turkey.

“Great advantage of Jahorina is the vicinity of the airport in Sarajevo, so that majority of those who are visiting the city come on the mountain to enjoy it as well,” said Ceramidzic.



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