Home Politics Sunjog: The road to the EU is long and demanding

Sunjog: The road to the EU is long and demanding


Czech Ambassador in BH Tomas Sunjog, said that EU integration is a long and tedious process for every country, he added that it requires readiness on behalf of the EU and hard work from the country that seeks integration.

“Any country that wants to join the EU must change all its structures – political, constitutional, social and economic”, said Sunjog during a lecture to students in Bijeljina on the topic of “European integration of the Czech Republic – experiences and comparisons with BH”.

According to him, if a country wants to enter into this process, the efforts of all levels of government must be enormous, as well as those of non-governmental organizations and citizens.

Speaking about the experiences of the Czech Republic on the road to the EU, Sunjog recalled that his country had submitted its application for membership in January 1996 and that it entered the EU eight years later.

He added that the EU, as a condition of membership, asked BH to resolve the question on the Sejdic-Finci decision made by the European Court of Human Rights and to establish a mechanism of coordination on European integration. Sunjog added that he hopes these conditions will be met which will mark the beginning of a process which will surely last years and will be very demanding and difficult.


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