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Survey: 62.42 % of the Srpska population for secession


According to a survey on political attitudes in Republika Srpska, carried out by the Institute for Social Research of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Banjaluka, 62.42% of Srpska’s population believes that this entity should separate from B&H, while 15.87% are against this notion.

When asked, if elections in B&H were held today, which party they would vote for 35.79% of respondents said SNSD, 30.95% SDS, 7.16% DNS, 5.86% PDP, 1.89% SP, 1.47% NDP and 16.88% answered none of the above.

Milorad Dodik received 25.89% of the votes making him the most trusted politicians in Srpska.

When asked whether B&H should join the EU, 30.83% of respondents said yes while 42.5% said no.

The survey was conducted by students from the mentioned faculty on a group of 480 citizens from eight municipalities in Republika Srpska by a system of random selection.



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