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Survey: In the Next Five Years, Every Third Inhabitant Plans to Leave BiH


In December 2019, for the purpose of its own research projects, the agency for public relations and marketing ”PRIME Communications” conducted a survey on the views of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina on leaving the country.

A total of 1600 respondents participated in the survey, and the technique used was an oral interview, based on a pre-prepared questionnaire. The population represented by the survey was defined as the general population of Bosnia and Herzegovina over the age of 18. A multi-stage stratified random sampling was applied (possible error + – 3%).

Most citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (60.5%) had a close family member or close friend going abroad in the last three years. One in three respondents (30.0%) did not have this experience.

The results of the survey show that 48.9% of BiH population does not plan to leave the country, while 17.6% of them did not answer or said they did not know. In the next year, the country plans to leave 12.3% of its population, in the next two years 7.5% of the population, three years 7.0% of the population, while in the next five years 6.7% of the population will do so.

Altogether, in the next five years, every third inhabitant plans to leave BiH (33.5%).



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