Sutjeska National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Republic of Srpska and BiH. It includes the area of Sutjeska with Nature Reserve Perućica, parts of mountains Maglić, Volujak, Vučevo and Zelengora.

Thanks to the well-preserved exceptional natural values since 2000, NP Sutjeska has been listed in Category II of IUCN (UN department for conservation of nature and natural wealth). NP Sutjeska is one of the most diverse complexes of ecosystems in South-Eastern Europe. National Park was established based on the Act on Declaration of National Park Sutjeska in 1962.

Maglić is a mountain with the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2,386m/altitude), and it is situated at the border between BiH and Montengro, approximately 20 km southeast from Foča.  Many think that Zelengora is the most beautiful mountain in this region. Zelengora is a gentle and mild mountain.  It is a total opposite to Maglić and Volujak, separated from them by the deep Sutjeska canyon.  The particular charms of Zelengora are its “mountain eyes” – clear glacial lakes located in the foothills of its peaks. Immensely valuable segments in the Sutjeska National Park are historical monuments and ambience of cultural and historical value.  They witness not only to the continuity of human presence in this area from pre-historical epoch to nowadays but also to the succession of different cultural and creative peculiarities of populations succeeding each other.

Perućica is one of the richest forests in Europe. In this area there are a big number of animals which makes it very attractive to hunters. Perućica jungle is not just a jungle of huge trees, but European jewel of a true nature, the place where imaginative nature turned Perućica into a lovely landscape.


Source: vladars.net


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