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“Svetosavska Week” in Zvornik


From January 22 to February 2, Zvornik will host the 28th “Svetosavska Week”, a manifestation dedicated to the spiritual founder of the Serb lineage – St. Sava.

During the ten days of the event, visitors will be able to enjoy a diverse cultural and artistic program, said Organizing Committee member Dragana Milošević.

– Zvornik is one of the cities with the longest tradition of celebrating “Saint Sava Week” in Srpska. Bearing in mind that this year we are also celebrating 610 years of the City of Zvornik, we decided to change the concept of marking this year – said Milošević.

One of the biggest Zvornik manifestations, on January 22 from 7 pm, will open the City and School Choir with a performance of the Zvornik Youth Center, followed by a documentary film “Bridge Near the Century”, dedicated to marking 90 years since the construction of King Aleksandar the First Karadjordjevic Bridge. On the same evening, an educational lecture will be given by historian Nemanja Dević of the Institute for Contemporary History of Belgrade.

– At “Svetosavska Week” we create our achievements, show the creativity of our students and athletes and at the same time remember the character and works of saints and enlighteners of St. Sava “- emphasized the president of Zvornik’s” Education “- Radoslav Perić.

A Spiritual Evening will be held on Thursday, January 23, and Father Seraphim, the abbot of the Holy Trinity Monastery near Ljubovia, will complete the event with a spiritual speech.
A solemn academy will be held on January 24, and all the schools in the Zvornik area will celebrate their slava- Savindan, on January 27.

The traditional “City Athlete’s Choice” will be held on January 30, when awards will be given to the best athletes, coaches, clubs and sports workers who celebrated their results and successes last year.

As in previous years, “Svetosavska Week” will end with the traditional Svetosavska Ball, which will take place on February 1st.

The performance will be performed by Marija Šestić, the Zvornik Singing Company “Izvornik” and the art quartet “Overture”. The event will be organized by the Serbian Educational and Cultural Society “Prosvjeta”, sponsored by the City of Zvornik.





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