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Take a look at the Museum of Semberija (PHOTO)


The oldest building in Bijeljina is the Semberija Museum. The four exhibition stands preserve the material remains of civilization from the Neolithic to the late Middle Ages, the collection of Roman stone monuments, ethnological items and the history of Bijeljina from 1446 to the 20th century.

Jupiter’s altar, stone vessel, two figures of lions, and numerous statues testify to the residence of the ancient Romans in this region.

The most important permanent exhibition is a collection of medieval inscriptions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and wider with 23 Cyrillic inscriptions in the Old Slavic language of the Serbian editorial office.

The ethnological exhibition includes objects related to the folk life of the villages of Semberija and the old town culture of Bijeljina, while the historical exhibition includes photographs of the development of architecture in Bijeljina, old weapons and objects.

Traditional exhibitions in the Museum are the May Fair of artistic creativity of students, which has been held every June since 1993, the Bijeljina Biennale, the Pantelin exhibition, the Folk Exhibition for Visnjić’s Days.

Photo: Vlado Sofrenić/Wikipedia

Source: seesrpska.com


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