Home Economy Take a peak inside Banjaluka’s first “City Mall” worth 60 million KM

Take a peak inside Banjaluka’s first “City Mall” worth 60 million KM


In the spring of 2015. the construction of the biggest shopping mall in the capital of Srpska, Banjaluka, will officially begin. The object will be over 55,000 m2 in area, while the estimated costs will reach 60 million KM.

The mall will have three floors dedicated to international and local fashion brands, restaurants, a conference hall, cinema, supermarkets, indoor swimming pool and various entertainment facilities.

The investor is “Ideal Company” and a fund from the EU, on whose acquirement the negotiations are in the final stages.

Areas for recreation, entertainment, as well as fast food restaurant will be located at the very bottom, while an open terrace will offer views of the city park.  The new trade center in Banjaluka will also have a glass roof, which will provide a natural light.

– There are also a billiard room and bowling alley, as well as the casino. It is interesting that we offer accommodation in a four star hotel – said Nenad Luburic, owner of “Ideal Company”.

The project is expected to be completed in 2017, when the citizens of Banjaluka will have their very own shopping mall fit for European metropolises.


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