Teacher Milana Ćulibrk, a Young, Creative and Innovative Teacher


    Teacher Milana Ćulibrk from Primary School “Doctor Mladen Stojanović” from Ljubija near Prijedor is one of the ten most creative and innovative educators in BiH.

    This hardworking, young teacher was honored by the Step By By Step Center for Educational Initiatives, with the support of university professors and award-winning teachers.

    She makes costumes for school plays by herself, and together with cardboard and other materials, she makes everything necessary for teaching and extracurricular activities.

    It is easy to find a classroom of one of the most creative teachers in BiH, Milana Ćulibrk, at the Ljubija school. She is recognized for her colorful and numerous handicrafts.

    There is almost no event or manifestation where her students do not contribute. They dance, they write, they act.

    – She does a lot of fun things with us, – says student Tijana Đuric.

    Teacher Milana’s classroom also has an unusual library, where children love to spend time.

    – We made it from the boxes. Wooden ones. The teacher brought them here, we read a lot – says student Damjan Grbić.

    Teacher Milan makes up for a modest school budget with imagination. They make costumes and puppets for student performances from “stick and rope”, and together they make miracles, as they say.

    What is a waste to others is a treasure to her.

    – The shops mostly know, I come and ask – do you have any cardboard for me? I am carrying something with me every day, different stuff I can use to make something – the award-winning teacher said.

    She adds that they did various plays, some she wrote by herself.

    – We made the costumes ourselves, I sewed as much as I could, from various boxes, cardboard, from the paper we made the scenery – says Milan.

    – An educator is not a job, it’s a vocation. An educator can not only be a man of eight to two hours but 24 hours. I think that there are many such educators as ours, Milana Ćulibrk, to which we are especially proud – said Svetlana Ružičić, director of the “Mladen Stojanović” elementary school Ljubija.

    Teacher Milana has been awarded the program “Every child has a talent, discover it and show it to everyone”.

    Any help for the coming school year is welcomed, and this small class for sure hides future actors, musicians, writers, but also scholars.




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