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Team formed to investigate population census


Sarajevo, March 16 –  On orders of the BiH Chief Prosecutor, Goran Salihovic, a case was formed and a team of prosecutors and investigators will be assigned to investigate activities in connection with the population census in order to determine if there are elements of criminal responsibility in this process, announced the BiH Prosecutor’s Office.
“The population census is a project which cost KM 50 million, and in case that the process fails, funds from the budget, which belong to all citizens of BiH, would be wasted,” says a press release.

For all this, says the press release, a team of prosecutors will be formed to investigate if there are elements of a crime which endanger this process.

At a session held on March 14 in Sarajevo, the Central Census Bureau failed to reach agreement on a single programme for BiH population census data processing.

The legal deadline for publishing the results of the census of population and households in BiH, which was conducted in 2013, is July 1, 2016.

Source: SRNA


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