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Tegeltija: BiH Budget Adoption Most Realistic in First Quarter of 2020


Chairman of the Council of Ministers  of BiH, Zoran Tegeltija continues the consultations with political parties today, regarding  the names of new ministers.

In the interview for RTRS, he pointed out that the Executive Committee of SNSD had announced the names of two ministerial positions, Staša Košarac and Vojin Mitrović.

– As expected, I started consultations with the largest political party from Srpska first, which is SNSD, and which also nominated me for the mandate. Then, consultations with other parties followed. My expectation is that by Wednesday, the 18th December , all nine ministers and ten deputies should be named – said Tegeltija.

If that happens , he adds that the Council of Ministers should be formed by the end of this year.

– The SNSD has proposed two names – Staša Košarac and Vojin Mitrović, while other political parties have yet to hold meetings of their executive bodies to decide whom to propose. We have names, but we will wait for them to officially announce it – said the Chairman of the Council of Ministers .

– The new Council of Ministers will face many decisions that will need to be taken as a matter of urgency, which are, first and foremost, financial resources that shave been so far blocked for the entities and local communities for investing in numerous projects. We expect to adopt the budget for 2020 because it would be devastating for BiH to have provisional financing for one more year – he stressed.

Tegeltija said that efforts will be made to propose next year’s budget by the end of 2019, but added, given the tight deadlines, that would be more realistic to happen in the first quarter of 2020. He also announced joint sessions of the Council of Ministers and the Governments of the Entities , which was not the case in previous terms.






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