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Tegeltija in London: Infrastructure and Energy Most Important for the Western Balkans


BiH Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltija said today that the most important projects for the development of the Western Balkans are transport infrastructure, energy and safety and prevention of natural disasters.

At the London Investment Conference on the Western Balkans, organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), he stressed the importance of infrastructure work that connects north and south of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which he said represents the most expensive and difficult stocks.

“The next important communication we want is to connect Sarajevo and Belgrade. Other investors, but not the EBRD, have shown interest in this. Serbia is moving faster than us, but I think we will also successfully end our sources of financing for this project,” Tegeltija said.

He said that connecting Montenegro and BiH in the position of Šćepan Polje-Foča is one of the sections of the highway that should connect Sarajevo with Tirana, and the project has shown the EBRD readiness to finance.

He also mentioned the Banja Luka bypass, which is of strategic importance and forms part of the Gradiška – Central Dalmatija highway.

He said that all railway lines are subject to modernization and that the section Zagreb – Central Dalmatija, via Bosnia and Herzegovina, is important for the improvement of railway traffic.

When it comes to energy, he said the potentials of the border rivers have so far been unused.

According to him, agreements have been signed with Serbia on sharing the energy potential of the Drina River.

“Renewable energy sources are the most important for us, but BiH is investing in thermal power plants as well,” Tegeltija said.

Also, says Tegeltija, the issue of damage scale and damage management on rivers from weather disasters is one of the key issues in all three countries, Croatia, BiH and Serbia.

“These projects are expensive and demanding, but we have to come together. There is complete agreement on the importance and readiness of these projects, funding sources are needed,” he said.

He thanked the EBRD President for his continued support of Bosnia and Herzegovina, noting that the EBRD had the highest confidence in BiH of all global international institutions.




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