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Tegeltija: The Key Issues for BiH Are Economic, Not Political


The Council of Ministers’ work program for this year should be set by the end of the month, and budget will be crucial, said Council of Ministers Chairman Zoran Tegeltja.

Tegeltija emphasized that it is important for the Council of Ministers to be part of the joint package of the work of the entity governments. He also hopes this is the last time the current year’s budget is adopted at its inception.

The Chairman of the Council of Ministers emphasized the commitment of the new Council of Ministers convening that his work will be measured by what will remain and what BiH will look like after him and whether the whole country will be at least a little richer and safer.

– It would be good for the public to come out only with what has been agreed upon. In this direction, our decision to open sessions of the Council of Ministers goes, and I hope that we will technically be able to resolve this in the next two months so that citizens can see what we are doing, what decisions we are making and that they are not taboo topics. Our goal is to see that the Council of Ministers has life issues on the agenda – Tegeltija pointed out.

Concerning the completion of the formation of the Council of Ministers, he stated that Mladen Bozović meets the requirements for appointment as Minister for Human Rights and Refugees and that he has extensive experience as he has been with the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees for over ten years.

– I hope that the consultation of the political options will be completed by February 4 and that we will elect a Minister for Human Rights because there is nothing to disqualify Bozović – said Tegeltija.


Source: RTRS


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