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Temple of Christ the Saviour in Banja Luka


Leaving Gospodska Street, we enter the plateau dominated by the beautiful Orthodox Church of Christ the Saviour, which had a similar fate as Ferhadija.
















Photo: Saša Knežić

Namely, the temple was built according to the model of the original temple, made according to the architectural design of the Belgrade architect Dušan Živanović, completed in 1939, and demolished already in 1941 during World War II.

The Temple of Christ the Saviour was built of the finest materials, covered with volcanic travertine stone, which is in natural yellow and red colours. Domes and crosses are made of chromed sheet metal and gilded. The bells in the church tower were cast in Innsbruck, Austria.

The operation of the clocks on the church tower is regulated by the connection with the atomic clock in Frankfurt, which makes it the most accurate clock in the city.

The masters of “golden hands” worked in the temple, the Crnotravci, famous masons from Serbia who applied the base for mosaics on the walls, and the mosaics in the interior of the temple were painted by the Belgrade painter Đuro Radlović.

The mosaics are glued with Murano paste.

In the courtyard of the temple there are pillars that are the only remains of the originally demolished building.


Photo: The Srpska Times

Author: Marijana Mališanović, tourism graduate with a tourist guide license

The Srpska Times



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