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Ten principles of forming authority at BiH level


Leaders of the SNSD, HDZ and SDA, Milorad Dodik, Dragan Covic and Bakir Izetbegovic, agreed on ten principles of forming authority at the BiH level, the first of which is to respect and implement the General Framework Agreement for peace and its 11 annexes, including the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, SRNA learns from its source in Sarajevo.

SRNA’s source emphasizes that the second principle refers to respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH as an element of its international subjectivity, which is the best guarantor of sustainability of peace and stability, while respecting the Dayton constitutional structure.

The third principle relates to the continuation of integration processes in accordance with the Constitution and laws, aligning the positions and interests of all levels of government in BiH.

The leaders agreed that it is necessary to implement all the rulings issued by local and European courts related to the BiH Election Law in order to ensure the constitutional and institutional equality of constituent peoples and citizens, as well as their legitimate representation throughout BiH, in accordance with the Constitution of BiH.

“The representation of constituent peoples and others is to be ensured in the institutions at all levels of government in accordance with the constitutions, while the selection and appointment are to be made according to the criterion of candidate’s proven competence. To adopt laws and implement measures necessary to prevent and eliminate discrimination based on ethnic, religious, ideological or other affiliation and to ensure equality in exercising the rights to employment, education, social and health care”, is the fifth principle agreed by the leaders of the SNSD, HDZ and SDA.

The sixth principle provides for intensive work on harmonization of local legislation with EU regulations through the coordination mechanism of the European integration process in BiH, in order to meet the required conditions for BiH’s accession to the EU, with socio-economic reforms focusing on resolving life issues in BiH.

In the process of BiH’s progress towards EU membership, it is necessary to gradually create the conditions for the institutions of BiH to assume full sovereignty and end the mandate of the OHR in BiH.

SRNA’s source states that the seventh principle provides for improvement of economic development by accelerating the construction of transport, energy and digital infrastructures, which is of strategic interest to BiH and the region.

The eighth principle reads that measures need to be intensively implemented to ensure the sustainable return of expelled and displaced persons, and the ninth principle provides for the independence and competence of the rule of law institutions to continue efficient combat against all forms of extremism, organised crime and corruption.

“Continue with building good neighborly relations with Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, while resolving open issues on the principles of reciprocity, mutual respect and respect for international law,” reads the tenth principle of forming authority at the level of BiH, agreed by the leaders of the SNSD, HDZ and the SDA.

Harmonized statement on the principles of forming authority at the level of BiH reads that the three leaders are aware of the responsibility towards the peoples and citizens of BiH, noting that the current progress is insufficient from the point of view of the population’s needs, but it represents a good basis for further political, economic and social reforms and the development of BiH, as the best response to negative demographic trends and the young people’s departure, as well as the needs for building a stable, economically prosperous and socially just society of equal opportunities.

“We are ready to form and ensure the stable functioning of the authorities in BiH, which will continue to implement the necessary legislative, socio-economic and social reforms that will focus on solving the daily life issues of citizens, and offer responsible management, rule of law, security and prosperity” reads the statement agreed by Dodik, Covic and Izetbegovic.


Source: srna


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