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Tesla’s jubilee and Science Day are being celebrated


The tenth Nikola Tesla Day is being celebrated today in the Canadian city of Niagara, on the 164th anniversary of Tesla’s birth.

According to the organizer, the Serbian school “Nikola Tesla”, the program is adjusted to the binding health measures.

Flowers will be laid on Nikola Tesla Square next to Niagara Falls near the monument to our scientist at 5 pm in the presence of a maximum of 10 people at a distance of two meters.

The Day of Nikola Tesla in Niagara will be attended by the Consul General of Serbia in Toronto, Vasilija Petković, representatives of the Niagara National Park and Nemanja Jevremović, the founder of the Tesla Technical Museum in Canada.

The decade of existence of the Serbian school “Nikola Tesla” in Niagara will be marked much more modestly than previously planned.

From this school, they remind of the great success of the Serbian community in that part of Canada.

At the end of last year, Nikola Tesla Square was named in Niagara next to the waterfalls.

They announce that together with the Canadian Tesla Technical Museum, they will continue with the action to convert the old power plant in this city into the Nikola Tesla Museum.

The power plant was built in 1905 according to the patents of this scientist.

Some of the source generators are still in operation.

Science Day with a virtual science workshop

This year’s Science Day, July 10, is being marked in Serbia in accordance with measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, through a live program on the Instagram profile of the Center for the Promotion of Science, and new, young people of science will be presented, announced the Center for the Promotion of Science.

Today, from 6 to 7 pm, a Virtual Science Laundry will be organized on the Instagram profile of the Center for the Promotion of Science, through which art, science and creation are combined.

This time, stories about science are told in the shadows, and scientific demonstrators will show how in an unusual way and with imaginative use of everyday objects that surround us, what excites us the most in science can be presented.

All participants will have the opportunity to join the program live and present their creations.

The stories of our Faces of Science will also be shown through a display in the window of the Micro Gallery of the Center for the Promotion of Science, at 46 Kralja Petra Street.




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