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The 12 cheapest holiday destinations in Europe right now


If you’re looking for a cheap European holiday, head east, according to the latest version of the annual City Costs Barometer from Britain’s Post Office Travel Money.

Using price estimates from national and regional tourist offices and average accommodation costs from Hotels.com, the Post Office City Costs Barometer 2019 — the biggest one to date — looked at the total cost of a weekend trip to 48 cities in Europe to determine which ones offer the best value for money.

Along with the average cost of two nights of accommodation for two adults in a three-star city centre hotel, the study looked at the combined average prices of the following typical tourist items: a three-course meal for two with a bottle of house wine, a cup of coffee, a coca-cola, a beer, and a glass of wine, a return bus or train transfer from the airport to the city, a 48-hour city travel card, a sightseeing tour, and a visit to a leading museum, a gallery, and a heritage attraction.

The cheapest destination came in at a highly affordable $191.73 (£147.35) for the entire weekend, while the second cheapest was close behind at $197.23 (£151.57).

Scroll on to see the 12 cheapest holiday destinations in Europe, ranked in ascending order by the total cost of a two-night trip (travel not included).

12. Athens, Greece — $256.51 (£197.13)

The average three-course evening meal for two — bottle of house wine included – costs just $48.08 (£36.65) in Athens.

11. Budapest, Hungary — $254.52 (£195.60)

11. Budapest, Hungary — $254.52 (£195.60)Izabela23/Shutterstock

Head here for cheap coffee — the average cup will only set you back $2.31 (£1.76).

10. Prague, Czech Republic — $247.48 (£190.19)

10. Prague, Czech Republic — $247.48 (£190.19)Photoillustrator/Shutterstock

Beer fans, rejoice — a bottle of beer only costs $1.65 (£1.26) in Prague, on average.

9. Moscow, Russia — $243.16 (£186.87)

See the whole city with a $6.51 (£4.96) 48-hour travel card.

8. Bratislava, Slovakia — $236.85 (£182.02)

8. Bratislava, Slovakia — $236.85 (£182.02)emperorcosar/Shutterstock

Your trip from the airport to the city centre will cost a measly $2.06 (£1.57) in Bratislava.

7. Riga, Latvia — $232.40 (£178.60)

7. Riga, Latvia — $232.40 (£178.60)Brian Kinney/Shutterstock

Tourist attractions don’t have to be expensive — admission to Riga’s Dome Cathedral is just $3.44 (£2.62).

6. Porto, Portugal — $224.59 (£172.60)

Coffee here is even cheaper than in Budapest, at just $1.14 (£0.87) a cup on average.

5. Bucharest, Romania — $218.27 (£167.74)

A visit to Bucharest’s Theodor Pallady Museum will only set you back $2.57 (£1.96).

4. Istanbul, Turkey — $217.08 (£166.83)

Two night of three-star accomodation comes in at $91.84 (£70) on average.

3. Warsaw, Poland — $208.65 (£160.35)

If wine is your tipple, you’ll only pay an average of $2.51 (£1.91) a glass in Warsaw.

2. Belgrade, Serbia — $197.23 (£151.57)
2. Belgrade, Serbia — $197.23 (£151.57)S-F/Shutterstock

Some tourist attractions — including Belgrade’s Republic Square — have free admission.

1. Vilnius, Lithuania — $191.73 (£147.35)

Just like Istanbul, two nights of accomodation comes in at just $91.84 (£70) on average, while Vilnius is also home to cheap coffee and local transit.


Source: businessinsider.com


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