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The 42nd Government session held yesterday in East Sarajevo


The Government of the Republika Srpska held its 42nd regular session yesterday at the Administrative Center of the Government of the Republic of Srpska in East Sarajevo.

Prime Minister Radovan Višković stated after the session that the Law on Amendments to the Law on Public-Private Partnership in Republic of Srpska has been enacted during today’s session.

“We have recognized that the current Law failed to deliver the results we expected. The procedures were complicated whereas natural persons were not allowed to participate (only legal persons) in public-private partnership”, the Prime Minister explained.

Prime Minister Višković emphasized that the Amendments passed shall simplify the procedures and introduce the dialogue, as a new method, so that all interested parties will be able to present their offers when talking to a potential public investor.

“Our assessment is that in this way public-private partnership in the Republika Srpska shall be revitalized and that it would enable that some of infrastructure and other projects relevant for the local communities and the Government are implemented more easily and faster”, Prime Minister Viskovic said and underlined that since the beginning of his term, the priority has been given to strengthening of the economic and business potentials of the Republic of Srpska.

The 2020-2024 Draft Strategy on the fight against cybercrime in Republic of Srpska was adopted which the Prime Minister said was of very important for the Republic of Srpska.

“This Strategy deals with the issue of children and the dangers which threaten in the cyber spaces and social networks for our youngest. The strategy is to restore order and protect our youngest population”, the Prime Minister said.

The Government also adopted the Information on the Student Center in Lukavica, East Novo Sarajevo.

Prime Minister Višković said that for the construction of a Student Dorm in Lukavica, with a capacity of 400 beds,  BAM 2 million have been provided in the Budget for 2019 and went on to say that this facility will be located in the city center following the suggestion of the administration of the city of East Sarajevo and will be adapted to the needs of the student center which would reduces the cost of building a new home since the infrastructure already existed there.

Prime Minister further said that the Minister for Scientific and Technological Development, Higher Education and Information Society visited student homes in East Sarajevo and informed the Government that the conditions in those facilities were very different from those in Pale and in Banja Luka.

“The obligation of the Government is to help the students in East Sarajevo as soon as possible, by the end of the next year to get a new student dorm that will provide normal conditions for studying”, the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Višković also mentioned that a decision was passed on proclaiming a public interest for the purpose of constructing a bridge on the Pliva River, Jezero municipality that shall enable better connection of this local community with neighboring municipalities and the region and reduce the impact of potential floods.

Prime Minister Višković emphasized that the initiative regarding the construction of the Scientific and Technological City at the location between Banja Luka and Laktaši was under consideration and stressed that it was a big investment.

“This is an initiative with regard to which negotiations with the European Investment Bank, USAID and other non-governmental organizations will be raised to see if we could get grant funds or favorable credit for the implementation of such a large project, which, as a preliminary matter, could cost 200 million BAM”, Prime Minister Višković said and added that it would cover a large area and would be the first of this kind in the region.

“The city would also include a scienctific-technological park, industrial zones, scientific-research centers, and would be connected to two of our universities and the business sector”, Prime Minister Višković explained and stressed it could also help the development of modern technology in Republic of Srpska.

Prime Minister Višković said that this location was chosen because of its proximity to the airport, the highway, the Corridor 10, the future bridge near Gradiška since such a place should have good connectivity with the rest of the world.

Prime Minister Višković said that today the Government authorized the Minister of Health to continue negotiations with the European Bank with regard to completion of the project of building a technical block at the University Clinical Center in Banja Luka for which the Bank approved a EUR 15.5 million loan.

“This is the first phase and we are continuing with implementation of this project which was launched in 2016”, Prime Minister Višković said. .

Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Radovan Višković and Government Ministers of the Republic of Srpska shall also hold a series of meetings with representatives of local communities in the area, public enterprises and business companies during the day and the following day.


Source: vladars.net


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