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The 65th “Summer on Vrbas” open by jumps from the City Bridge


The beginning of the 65th Summer on Vrbas was marked by jumps from the City Bridge.

Srodna slika

In the competition of 17 jumps, gold for the best “lasta” was won by Djordje Gajic from Banja Luka. He is glad that, after several attempts, he finally won the first place in his hometown.

“I was on all the jumps in the region, but this is my city – and I can say because of the trembling, one of the heavy jumps. My friends are here, there is my family. I have been jumping for nine years in Banja Luka, and I took the first place”Djordje said.

The jumps were followed by numerous citizens of Banja Luka who rushed on the banks of Vrbas. They are the best audience, says Dino from Sarajevo. He came to jump from the City Bridge. He says he will perform his best jumps in Banja Luka.

“Personally, I correspond with Banja Luka, the ambience, the audience and everything are in my hands, and I make my best jumps from this bridge,” Dino says.

In the next few days, within the “Summer on Vrbas”, there will be something for everyone – from the boats, through “zip-lajna”, which will enable the bravest to cross Vrbas, hanging on the cable, to the electronic music festival “Element”.

“The summer on Vrbas is a big, important event for Banja Luka, which has been held since 1953, and this is 65th in a row. We have successfully organized this for years. During the manifestation, the visit is generally large, not only our fellow citizens, but and tourists “, says Irena Radojević, director of the Tourist Organization of the City of Banja Luka.

“Summer on Vrbas” will last seven days. One of the oldest Banja Luka events will end next week, hitting the assassins and “Dancing under the stars” on the coast of Vrbas.







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