The 9th January Preparations: Tricolour Flags are swirling in Banja Luka


    The central streets of Banja Luka are decorated with flags of the Republic of Srpska. Preparations for the celebration of the 9th January – The Day of Republika Srpska is well underway, and besides New Year’s decoration, Banja Luka streets are adorned with the tricolor flags. And on the 9th January, Srpska will celebrate its birthday with an already recognisable parade and a solemn academy. Receptions at the Palace of the Republic will commence on the 27th December.

    As every year, the Day of Republika Srpska will be marked by a festive parade in the ‘’Krajina’’ Square and a solemn academy at the ‘’Borik’’ Sports Hall. On the same day awards will be given to deserving institutions and individuals.

    After that, it will continue in Brčko on the 10th January; also events will be held in East Sarajevo this year.

    The Republic of Srpska was established on the 9th January, 1992 in Sarajevo as the Republic of the Serbian People in BiH by the decision of the Assembly of the Serbian People in BiH.

    Republic of Srpska gained its first Constitution on the 28th February, 1992 under the name – The Constitution of the Serbian Republic of BiH.




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