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The Artificial Lake on Jahorina Mountain to be operational since October


The works on the construction of artificial lake at the top of the Olympic mountain of Jahorina, are in their final stage. From the Olympic Center in Jahorina was announced that the lake should be put into operation from October.

The process of installation of geomembrane and geotextiles is taking place, and filling the lake with water should be started by the end of August.

“Works on laying the pipes for the system of artificial snowing are taking place as well, and they are also in the final stage. So far, 70 % of the pipes have been laid, and if the works continue as planned, we expect that the lake will be ready for the next winter season. Of course, besides the fact that the lake will be used for artificial snowing in the winter, it will be great content with a well-organize space for walking during the summer season,” said Sanja Ceremidzic, an Expert Associate for Public Relations in the OC Jahorina.

The value of this project is estimated at 9.500.000 BAM and it includes the construction of artificial snowing system with a water accumulation of almost 75,000 cubic meters and a water reservoir for filling the accumulation with the arrangement of ski-trails within the six-seaters Ogorjelica I and Poljice according to FIS standards. The project also includes the construction of a wind power plant on these trails.

The artificial lake will be 14 meters deep and with a diameter of around 600 meters, which will be enough for the supply of the artificial snowing system throughout the season. When the artificial snowing system is ensured, Jahorina will have more than 120 days for skiing in the season. The goal of the administration is that the mountain lives 365 days a year, which has been proved with successful seasons and satisfied visitors.


Source: sarajevotimes


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