Home Business The ”Banjalučka pivara” Establishes a Company in Serbia

The ”Banjalučka pivara” Establishes a Company in Serbia


The ”Banjalučka pivara”, a brewery from Banja Luka, will open a company in Serbia that will deal with the sale of its products, positioning itself better in this country.

The decision on establishing a limited liability company (LLC) in the territory of Serbia is to be confirmed by the General Meeting of Shareholders at the session scheduled for the 10th of February.

It was stated in the decision that ”the exact business name of the company will be specified through the reservation procedure at the Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA)”.

The proposal for the establishment of a company branch was made by the Board of Directors at the session held yesterday.

Otherwise, beer export from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Serbia is almost insignificant compared to imports, which is cumulatively higher than from all other countries in the world, and transfer prices between foreign producers and domestic distributors are a huge problem.




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