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The Blue Tomb – a Symbol of Golgotha


The Blue Tomb in the Corfu Canal is the place to rest for thousands of Serbian soldiers who in Greece during World War I sought salvation and rest in the wake of the famous Salonika front line, the liberation of Serbia and the creation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. On this day in 1916, the burial of Serbian soldiers in the Blue Tomb began.

After superhuman efforts in the Albanian ravines and an additional Golgotha ​​of 160 kilometers of hiking through the swampy coastal area from Shkodra to Valona, ​​because the promised Allied ships did not appear, the soldiers were massively dying of typhus, hunger and exhaustion.

As there were not enough places in Corfu and the island of Vido to which the typhoid was transferred, and because of the danger of the epidemic spreading, it was decided to bury them in the sea.

According to official but incomplete data, because not all deaths were recorded, until March 23, 1916, 4,847 Serbian soldiers were buried in the Corfu Channel.

When the Serb soldiers withdrew from Albania – they went to the island of Vido. Due to various illnesses and famines, many died.

There was a custom for all Serbian ships passing the Corfu Channel to pause to pay tribute to the warriors who were killed.

The withdrawal of the Serbian army and civilians through the Albanian ravines to Corfu began in the winter of 1915.

Some 240,000 people have died from cold, typhoid and other diseases, as well as fighting with Albanians.

Until World War II, there were not so many casualties in recent history.

The Serbian army was constantly attacking as it made its way across the Prokletije. The soldiers set off on December 3 for Albania and Montenegro. The most problems were created by Albanians who did not recognize the power of Esad Pasha Toptani, who was an ally of Serbia.

From December 15 to December 20, the Serbian army arrived in the vicinity of Shkodra. In late January, the French decided to send ships that would take Serbian soldiers to the Greek island of Corfu.

About 135,000 people were landed. The island of Vido near Corfu was transformed into a hospital, or “island of death,” and the sea around it into the Blue Tomb.

From the cock to the victims, Greek fishermen have not been fishing in that place for 50 years.

During the Albanian Golgotha, the Serbian people experienced one of the greatest exoduses in their history.




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