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The Bridge near Gradiska is Traffic Priority Number One


The number one priority in the new updated strategy of infrastructure projects, which will be completed in the upcoming period, will be the bridge on Sava River near Gradiska, as announced by Minister of Communications and Transport of BiH, Ismir Jusko.

He noted that he personally handed over the project to the commissioner for transport of the European Commission Violeta Bulc and he expects from the EU to be included in the entire project.

“I submitted the project for a section of the highway that would connect this bridge with the already existing highway,” noted Minister Jusko.

He also added that the Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH is cooperating with the entity ministries that are responsible for traffic as well as the Government of Brcko District with the aim of completing the update of the unique list of infrastructure projects, which was created at the end of 2015.

“The current list includes only projects on the basic networks. Our ministry as a coordinating institution is planning to expand this list with other projects that are in the maturity phase, and they are all included on the comprehensive SEETO network,” stated Jusko.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications of the RS stated that the process of updating the list of priority projects for the field of traffic was started after the European Commission insisted on it.




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