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The bridge on the Sava and the highway will connect the people and economies of Serbia and Srpska


The Minister of Communications and Transport of BiH, Vojin Mitrović, stated during his tour of the construction site of the bridge on the Sava in Sremska Rača that the highway that Serbia is building and this bridge connects the people and economies, as a precondition for the development of the region.

– Bridges build and improve cooperation between the countries of the region and create preconditions for faster development and better life of citizens in Serbia, Republic of Srpska, and BiH – said Mitrović.

He stated that a joint border crossing will be built in this large project, which will be located in Serbia, which will lead to faster and cheaper transport in the region.

The Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of Serbia, Zorana Mihajlović, stated during her visit to the construction site of the bridge over the Sava River on the section of the highway Sremska Rača-Kuzmin, that Serbia is currently investing 15 million euros in regional connection projects.

– It is all about a better life, connecting people on both sides of the Drina and the Sava, and doing everything so that people can really stay in this area and not go to some other countries – said Mihajlović.

The Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Srpska, Đorđe Popović, also visited the construction site, emphasizing the importance of the new bridge and highway to the Republic of Srpska, and stating that this is evidenced by the fact that Srpska has already completed the expropriation on its side. enable the construction of a section of the highway from Rača to Bijeljina.

Popović said that it would strengthen the exceptional cooperation between Serbia and the Republic of Srpska, and expressed hope for both Serbia and BiH.

The Turkish ambassador to Serbia, Tanju Bilgic, a representative of the Turkish company “Tasjapi”, as well as the mayor of Bijeljina, Mićo Mićić, also attended the construction site.

The bridge on the Sava in Sremska Rača is part of the future highway to Bijeljina, and the authorities in the Republic of Srpska have marked the construction of the highway from Belgrade to Banja Luka as a zero priority.

The total length of the bridge will be 1.3 kilometers, of which 330 meters is a steel structure over the river.




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