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The Car in which Elizabeth Taylor got married on the Streets of Banja Luka


In case you wish a wedding like the one that Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had, you will have to get a limousine in Banja Luka. The old-timer in which Hollywood films were made and famous couples got married is now in the possession of a man from Banja Luka.

It is the “Silver Princess”, a model of Rolls-Royce from ‘64. This car was used in the movie industry of Hollywood, as well as for  weddings of famous actors.

Elizabeth Taylor sat in this car, in 1964, in Montevallo, and she went to her first weeding with Richard Burton in this car.

“I’m a great lover of old cars and I always have a few of them in my possession, but I did not have any back then. I searched a bit over the internet, and then my son found this car in Los Angeles. It was offered at a good price because we always want what is a bit cheaper and then we fix it here because it is much cheaper for us to do it here than in the West,” said Tihomir Kuvalja, the current owner of this old-timer.

Besides this car with a great historic value, there is another one in his backyard, and it shows the technical progress of a nation. A Mercedes from 1975.

“I, actually, enjoy bringing the life back to old cars and old things. That is my pleasure – when I bring them back to life,” stated Kuvalja.




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