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The Chalet Church in Palačkovci – a symbol of faith and spirituality (VIDEO)


In the village of Palačkovci, twelve kilometers from Prnjavor, stands the Church of the Wooden Cabin, a zero category BiH national monument, an orthodox temple of inestimable spiritual value.

The chalet church in Palačkovci was built in 1843. This kind of cultural monument dedicated to the apostles Peter and Paul is entirely made of oak.

At that time, in order to build an Orthodox place of worship, a license, which was paid in gold, had to go as far as Constantinople.

On the basis of documents obtained in the then Turkish capital, the surface of the church could not be larger than the surface that one ox’s skin could cover. With the mastery of the craftsman, the skin was cut into narrow strips whose knitting gave a much larger surface area. By constructing a roof with wide eaves, which could accommodate twice as many worshipers during worship, the temple was fully functional.

Due to its architectural and aesthetic value, in the time of ancient Yugoslavia, the church was declared a zero category monument and placed under state protection.

The church also has the Gospel from the Austro-Hungarian period, written in Church Slavonic.



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