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The Chinese interested in the Construction of Roads in the RS?


Minister of Traffic and Communications of the RS Nedjo Trninic stated that large Chinese companies are more than interested in all projects related to the construction of highways and roads in the RS, including the road from Banja Luka to Mliniste and the highway Banja Luka-Prijedor-Novi Grad.

Trninic also stated that the Chinese are interested in Corridor 5C, part of the road from Vukosavlje to Brcko, as well as the highway Brcko – Bijeljina.

When it comes to the realization of projects with the Chinese, Trninic noted that the ministry sent a letter to the Embassy of China in Sarajevo a few days ago with the request to launch an initiative for signing an international agreement between China and BiH.

“This agreement would allow us to pick Chinese companies as favorite during the decision-making process for investors, since we have already realized extensive negotiations with them,” stated Trninic.

Minister Trninic also noted that the adoption of the set of laws on excise duties will enable the realization of plans of the RS when it comes to the construction of roads.

“International financial institutions, due to the adoption of laws on excise duties, can give us loan funds, because now we will be able to return them. Infrastructure projects are realized through loans all round the world, so I do not see why we would be any different,” noted Trninic.




Source: sarajevotimes


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