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The City of Prijedor Will Fully Fund the Procedure of in Vitro Fertilization


Prijedor is one of the few local communities in Srpska that will fully fund the procedure of in vitro fertilization.

This is the result of an amendment by the SNSD councilor in the city hall, which increased the budget for Prijedor for this item. This measure of pro-natal policy made parents happy, trying to procreate through out-of-state fertilization.

The first three attempts at extracorporeal fertilization are funded by the Health Insurance Fund, while the fourth attempt was co-financed by the City of Prijedor with the problem of sterility with KM 2,500, or half of the funds.

With the decision of the City Councilor, artificial insemination will in the future be financed by the City in the full amount of 5,500 KM.

– As one of the measures of population policy of the city administration, the Parliament has also contributed to all this and I think it is necessary for our citizens, given the problems these people are in and that they have spent their funds in three attempts – said Dalibor Pavlović, head of the SNSD Councilors’ Club in the City of Piedor Assembly.

Women under the age of 42, with residency in Prijedor, who have been recognized as eligible for three unsuccessful procedures by the Srpska Health Insurance Fund, have the right to apply for financing for fertility fertilization.

– All conditions and requests are on the website or official site of the City of Prijedor, and the request can be submitted by post or protocol of the City of Prijedor and with the help of E-Government – says Monja Kasalović, Head of the Department for Social Activities of the City of Prijedor.

A gesture for all praise, they point out from the Prijedor Association of Families with Sterility Problems, Baby 2.

The association brings together 28 members, whose extracorporeal fertilization is the only chance for parenthood. The whole procedure, they say, is extremely expensive and time-consuming.

– This is very good for all couples, because in addition to these three times paid by the state, sometimes there are not enough attempts, and rarely a married couple can afford without credit, so the financing of fertility fertilization by the city is in any case commendable. – points out Ljiljana Andić, president of the Association of Families with the Problem of Sterilization “Baby 2”.

This decision was supported by the citizens.

In the last seven years, 20 babies have been born through artificial insemination in the Prijedor area.

A new ordinance on the financing of artificial insemination in this city is due to enter into force in mid-February.




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