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The construction of a biomass power plant in Sokolac a possiblity


The United Nations Development Program UNDP, in its continuation of activities to mitigate climate change has selected the Sokolac municipality for the development of a project proposal for the construction of a Biomass Combined Heat and Power Plant.

UNDP‘s Project Manager in the sector of energy efficiency and environmental protection, Raduska Cupac, said that Sokolac has been chosen primarily because of its strategic commitment to the use of biomass.

After meeting with the Mayor of Sokolac, Milovan Bjelica, Cupac said that the UNDP had provided funds for the development of the project proposal, which will be submitted to the UN Convention on Climate Change for possible funding.

She noted that the UNDP is currently in the process of selecting a site where the process of suppressing emissions can be continued.

The next step is the construction of the project proposal containing the specifications of Sokolac, which is followed by obtaining the approval of the competent authority, after which the project can be sent to the UN Convention on Climate Change by the Ministry of Physical Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of Republika Srpska, said Cupac.

Bjelica said that this project means a lot to the community and that a feasibility study will support the fact that this power plant will be connected to schools, the Center for the Promotion of Agriculture and hotels.

Cogeneration represents the combined production of heat and electricity from a single source. The European Union is extensively promoting the construction of cogeneration plants. They are being developed to fire on biomass as its degree of energy efficiency is up to 90%, in contrast to conventional power plants, where the efficiency is at only 45 %.


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