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The Construction of another 250 Apartments in the Settlement Novi Borik in Banja Luka soon?


The company Ekvator from Banja Luka will start with the construction of another 250 apartments in Novi Borik, the largest residential and business complex in that city.

As stated from Ekvator, all necessary documentation for 130 apartments is already completed, while they are in the process of obtaining licenses for another 120 apartments.

This settlement, when fully completed, will have a total of 2,000 apartments, and people already settled in 300 apartments.

“The price of a square meter of finished and ready-to-live apartment is 2.000 BAM, while there are 5 % and 10 % discounts for apartments that are in the process of construction, depending on the degree of the construction,” as announced by this company in Banja Luka.

The complex that will occupy 100,000 square meters includes the construction of 21 residential-business objects, a student center with a sports hall that will be connected by a pedestrian bridge with a university campus, and a restaurant on the river bank. With the project is also planned the construction of tennis courts, kindergartens, banks, pharmacies and sports and recreational areas.

“We will start with the arrangement of the riverbank of Vrbas in 2018 as well, since we have reached an agreement with the City Administration. We will create a promenade with docks, a playground, and a beach, and we expect all citizes of Banja Luka to join us, not just the ones who live in Novi Borik,” as said from Ekvator.




Source: sarajevotimes


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