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The Council of Ministers Sets up Working Groups to Improve the Economic Environment


In the coming period, five working groups, at the BiH level, will address the protection of domestic production, VAT, public procurement, trade in goods and work relief.

The aim is to create a better economic environment, said the Chairman of the  Council of Ministers, Zoran Tegeltija, consulting with the Chamber of Commerce of Srpska.

The Chamber is optimistic. The production, transport and export processes were negatively affected by the long delay in constituting the Council of Ministers. This is important for the Chamber because they will analyze the results of the working groups at their meetings. They plan to meet with the Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the line ministers at least once a quarter.

Considering that transportation of goods and services is one of the burning problems, the meeting was also attended by the Minister of Communications and Transport in the Council of Ministers, Vojin Mitrović. The issue, he said, will be addressed at all levels.

It is clear that improving the economic environment is one of the preconditions for BiH’s safe path to the EU. It is good that BiH is recording an increase in economic production, but 3% is not enough, so GDP growth will certainly be one of the goals in the coming period, in which both, the private and public sectors, will need to be more involved, said Tegeltija.




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