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The Deadline for Registration of Companies in Srpska Is Three Days, the Problem Is the Tardiness in FBiH


The legal deadline for business registration in Republic Srpska is three days from the receipt of the complete documentation, but the problem is that this process takes several times longer in the Federation of BiH, which causes investors to get the wrong picture when looking at the ratings of the entire BiH on world lists, said a spokesman for the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Vladimir Blagojević.

Blagojevic recalled that shortening the procedure, cheapening the process and reducing the time it took to register a company years ago was one of the demands of the Chamber of Commerce.

“This has come to life in Srpska with the introduction of the one-stop system, which significantly shortens the deadline for establishing a company. He is now legally three days from receipt of the complete documentation. Although this situation is not fully respected, it is still within acceptable limits. In the chain of institutions that are responsible for the registration of companies, the most await the courts, ” said Blagojević.

According to him, it is very important that in Srpska there is a further shortening of the procedure for business registration related to the introduction of electronic business registration.

“This is a step that has the support of the Chamber of Commerce,” Blagojević emphasized.

He cited as a problem the fact that when creating world lists that talk about business conditions in countries such as “Doing Business”, one city is always taken as an example, which is usually the capital.

“In Sarajevo, this process is much delayed and, according to available information, it sometimes takes more than 100 days to set up a business. Therefore, BiH is always at the end of the list of European countries. This is a problem because many foreign investors look at their ratings on those lists when they want to invest in a country, ” Blagojević said.

Therefore, he added, it would be positive to further promote everything done in Srpska so that it would be best presented to foreign investors.

Blagojevic accentuates that businessmen pointed out that newly formed companies that quickly generate turnover in excess of 50,000 KM and obtain the conditions for entering the VAT system have long been waiting for the VAT number.

“That is why it is very important that all institutions in the chain comply with the deadlines set by law and carry out their work as soon as possible in order to give this process the best possible results,” Blagojevic said.

He said that after solving the problem related to the speed, price and volume of documents in the process of business registration, it is important to create conditions for easier business for newly formed companies to survive and continue to develop.




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