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The Difficult Fate of the Brother and Sister United the Humanists


Numerous people from Pale, who were touched by the difficult fate of brother and sister, who were left alone after their father recently died of the coronavirus, rose to their feet so that the children could get better living conditions as soon as possible. Humanists from all over the Republic of Srpska can contribute to payments to the bank account.

The director of the Center for Social Work in Pale, Srdjan Baralić, said that they reacted immediately from this institution after learning that the father of their fellow citizens had passed away. The boy soon becomes an adult and the girl is 15 years old.

– We started the process of granting custody and appointed a professional employee of the center who opened a dedicated account. We received confirmation from the office of the Prime Minister of the RS Government and the Mayor of Pale, Boško Jugović, who supported the desire and efforts to provide children with what they need – Baralić said.

He added that a large number of humanitarian organizations, such as “Serbs for Serbs”, numerous donors, neighbors, and the Republic Secretariat for Displaced Persons and Migration, joined the action. Previously, the children were assigned a guardian and breadwinner.

– The guardian is a professional worker at the center. When it comes to foster care, we did not have the conditions for kinship foster care, so it was solved with the help of people who expressed interest – said Baralić.

Bojan Brčkalo from Pale says that he is proud to be a part of this municipality because in a very short time many responded to the call for help and the children are already “covered” with food packages and other donations.

– Many got involved in the action. Old and worn-out things are taken out of the house, and the masters arrive. Although the original plan was to renovate the bathroom, funds were provided so that the entire house will now be renovated – said Brčkalo.

He added that fellow citizens will do their best to find a job for the boy whose story shows how cruel life can be.

– These are good children, we will do our best to hire a boy. He is willing to work and be helpful – Brčkalo said.




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