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The Election Campaign in BiH officially started


The official one-month long election campaign for general elections started in BiH, and political parties and media are allowed to pay for political advertising in this period.

All the participants in the electoral process will be able to represent their parties, programs and candidates by October 6 at 7:00 a.m., when the period of electoral silence will last until the closing of all polling stations in BiH.

The Central Election Commission of BiH invited media representatives and voters to give their contribution in order for this campaign and the entire electoral process to take place in a democratic way.

Otherwise, the Central Election Commission of BiH verified the participation of 67 political parties in the general elections 2018, which is the highest number since the general elections in 2002.

At the general elections 2018 in BiH, a total of 7,488 candidates are competing for 518 positions at the level of BH institutions, entities, and ten cantonal assemblies in the FBiH.

According to the Central Election List from August 30, there are 3,352,933 registered voters for the general election.

A total of 77,814 voters have been registered for voting abroad, of which 76,729 will be able to send their votes by mail, and 1,085 of them will vote in diplomatic and consular representations of BiH.


Source: sarajevotimes


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