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The entire world is talking about the Serb from Prokuplje: Brave Irena in the US saved a barefoot child from certain freezing on the street (VIDEO)


Irena Ivic, born in Prokuplje, in Serbia, saved a one-year-old child in Milwaukee who was walking barefoot, on cold weather, on the streets, wearing just a bodysuit and a diaper.

Near the end of December, as soon as she noticed a little girl crying on the sidewalk, she stopped the bus and she ran towards her, reported by the local media.

– Oh my dear God, I am shivering – answered Irena when she entered the bus.

The passengers approached to help to keep the girl warm until the help arrives. While the police and firefighters arrived, the child fell asleep in her arms.

The police later stated that her mother left her outside, and then they took her to the father.

– O my god, I was very disturbed. The baby was crying and she was scared. I can’t believe that someone would leave a child on the street – said Ivic.

MCTS driver rescues lost baby from freeway overpass

WOW: "The child, who was less than one-year-old, was barefoot and wearing just a onesie and diaper." Thank you Milwaukee County Transit System drivers for sharing this video and for going above and beyond to save this child!

Geplaatst door TODAY'S TMJ4 op Donderdag 10 januari 2019

Her employer and a colleague from Milwaukee were amazed at this gesture and said that Ivic showed humanity in the best way possible.

Irena talked to the press and said that she would do the same thing over again if she ever found herself in the same position.

MCTS news conference on wandering baby

Watch: Milwaukee County Transit System officials talk about a bus driver's actions when she found a toddler wandering the streets on Milwaukee's south side. http://via.fox6now.com/2hqR4

Geplaatst door FOX6 News Milwaukee op Donderdag 10 januari 2019

She came to Milwaukee 12 years ago, and she has been working as a bus driver for 5 years.

CCN already reported about Irena, and as they stated, this is the ninth time in the last few years that a public driver in the area of Milwaukee found a missing child.

– I absolutely love children. I used to be a teacher and I have children on my own, so I am happy that I could help this sweet, innocent baby – said Ilic.


Source: telegraf.rs


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