Home Politics The entities aren’t a barrier for NATO

The entities aren’t a barrier for NATO


The U.S. is advocating for B&H with two entities, while B&H’s membership in NATO does not by any means mean the abolition of Srpska, said Nicholas Hill, Charge d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy in B&H.

He pointed out that membership in NATO could contribute to the stability of the country, which will draw in foreign investments and create new jobs.

Claims that NATO membership means a break in good relations with other countries that are not members of the Union, such as Russia, are not true, said Hill.

Ana Trišić Babic, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Chairman of the NATO Integration Process of the Council of Ministers, said that she never heard an official request, indication, or policy that would tie the road to NATO with a change in a countries constitutional order.

She added that this is meant to play on the emotions of people with the aim of hiding the obvious truth, which is that B&H belongs to the European circuit and that integration’s in the Euro-Atlantic community mean the reform of its society to the benefit of all of its citizens.



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