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The Executive Board accepted information on the reform program of BiH


The SNSD Executive Board accepted yesterday the information provided by the Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik on the BiH Reform Program and considers it very important that this document confirms that BiH is not going to NATO, and that any further decisions on this would have to be made again.

SNSD President Milorad Dodik has said that a session of the House of Representatives of the BiH Parliament should be held as early as December 4 or 5, at which candidacy for the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija would be confirmed.

Dodik has said at a press conference in Banja Luka, after an extended session of the SNSD Executive Board, that a new Council of Ministers should be formed by the New Year, and that the document, which is not contrary to the policy of Srpska on military neutrality, would be activated after that.

Commenting on the opposition’s request to convene a special session of the National Assembly where it would be discussed this document, Dodik has reminded that the Rules of Procedure are clear and that the session should be held if sufficient signatures are provided.

“Accordingly, theirs whether they will do it or not. The SNSD will prepare, with coalition partners, comprehensive information that will relate to the defense system and the BiH Reform Program, on which we will inform the National Assembly. This document will be available after the election of the new convocation of the Council of ministers and only then we can talk”, Dodik said.

He has reminded that the opposition did not vote for the Resolution on Military Neutrality.

“I should be satisfied now because they have come to the policy that we have been promoting. I thank them for that and I encourage them to stay that way, because we need to gather around important things. We have suggested to them that to go together to the authority at the BiH level which they refused. Therefore my message to our people is that Republika Srpska has been returned as a factor in deciding on NATO and it is certain that it remains neutral”, Dodik said categorically.

He has noted that for discussions on the stated document, the fact that the Membership Action Plan on the 150 pages had been drawn up earlier, was decisive.

“The reform of police was also envisaged there and much more that does not exist in this document. I am also grateful to partners from the Bosniak political elite who have indicated that, if there is no will of the Serbs and the Republika Srpska, there will be no NATO membership. This is somehow embedded in this story, which means there is no prejudge and a new decision is needed”, Dodik said.

The SNSD leader has reminded that he is doing a responsible job and that the countries leading the NATO Alliance had made it clear that the Reform Program document would be accepted under this title and that it would not be considered as a basis for activating anything, not even the MAP, despite the untruths presented by BN Television and Mirko Šarović /SDS leader/, which is not a nationally responsible policy.

Talking about the expired mandates of SIPA and OBA officials, Dodik has said that they would not stay on the executive position, which is in line with the agreement at the BiH level.


Source: srna


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