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The exhibition “Experience Tesla” – an innovative step forward in museology in Serbia


Within the innovated exhibition at the Museum of Nikola Tesla, visitors will meet, inside the virtual reality, the first VR in the world dedicated to Tesla, the great scientist personally. Nikola Tesla  “revived” in four stages of his life, from youth to old age, on the 8th of July in a unique exhibition “Experience Tesla”, which was donated to the Museum by Direct Media on the occasion of Tesla’s jubilee and the fifteen years of successful business of Direct Media.

”We keep pace with world trends in museology with the exhibition in virtual reality. A new exhibition has the spirit of the times in which Nikola Tesla lived and worked, and its VR segments offer a modern viewers an extremely direct interaction with Tesla’s legacy and doctrine, and at the same time it makes Tesla more accessible to his admirers around the world.” said Branimir Jovanović, director of the Museum of Nikola Tesla.

Visitors of the museum will be putting the device VR headset on their heads, and they will be able to immerse themselves in the virtual world of Nikola Tesla and the five stories of the scientist and  about his achievements, find out what his relationship with Edison was, why he never married and they will assist him in his experiments.

Teslina vizija buducnosti

Virtuelni Tesla ispred radio stanice na Long Ajlendu

“Tesla has devoted his whole life devoted to innovation, wishing that his patents would be of benefit to humanity. Based on this principle, and believing that modern technology and companies need to have a purpose for the community, by donating the exhibition we wanted to convey the values ​​that have kept Tesla alive so far” said Jovan Stojanović, director of Direct Media.

The project can be followed on the website www.doziviteslu.com and social networks:

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