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The First Biomass Power Plant worst 10 Million BAM to be opened in BiH


The first biomass power plant in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be opened in November in Knezevo.

The building is built within the complex of the wood industry “Nomar” which operates within the group “Fagus” from Kotor Varoš and the total investment amounts to ten million BAM.

This will be the first object in BiH to produce electric and heat energy by using biomass.

The projected thermal power is five megawatts, and for the production of electricity, it will be 820 kilowatts of kilowatts. The owner of the company “Fagus” Miroslav Malijevic said for portal “Glas Srpske” that the works on the factory are in its final phase.

“We will produce heat and electricity at the same time, and it will be made by wood waste which is usually taken in order to have a smooth wood processing. With this, we will solve the problem of waste disposal and produce heat energy that will serve us to produce pellets. The electrical energy we produce will be delivered to “Elektroprivreda RS”, stated Malijevic.

He emphasized that the company’s plan for pellet production is to start in spring 2019, and that with this investment, thet will create the opportunity for additional employment of workers and, on the other hand, create environmentally healthy and clean energy from renewable sources.

“We plan to hire 30 workers, and later, by expanding the business, there will be more jobs open. Necessary is for staff to be educated, “ concluded Malijevic.


Source: sarajevotimes


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